03 Jul Lifelike Dental Work With Ceramic Crowns

When you picture a dental crown, you may picture a tooth-like appliance made from silver or gold, but you can actually count on our office to provide one that matches the look of your enamel! By providing restorations that are made from a lifelike ceramic material, our Naples, FL dental practice can provide protection and bite support while preserving your appearance. This kind of crown can provide functional protection and esthetic changes all at once, and it can do so in the long term. For more conservative work to improve how you look, we offer additional cosmetic services that take on flaws while preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

Dental Work Can Address More Than Health And Bite Strength

If you have teeth that are in poor condition, appear misshapen, or are otherwise flawed, you can count on treatment to improve your bite function and overall dental health. What you should know is that our office can provide this kind of support while also delivering work that improves your smile! When patients need crowns, we can discuss the role that attractive dental ceramic can play in providing these restorations. By offering this kind of appliance, we can keep a tooth safe from future problems while making sure your smile maintains its natural look.

Treatment With A Custom Ceramic Crown

A custom ceramic crown can protect you when you have a tooth that is injured, seriously impacted by a cavity, or misshapen in a way that affects your bite. By using a material that closely resembles healthy enamel for your crown, we can see to it that you have the stability and security you need from a restoration while preventing any undesirable cosmetic changes. Because the crown is carefully shaped and sized to fit in properly and blend in with its neighbors, it can actually lead to a welcome improvement in how you look.

More Cosmetic Services We Offer At Our Practice

There are different ways in which we help our patients feel great about how they look. Having the option to provide restorative dental work with crowns and bridges that look lifelike can help when there are active oral health issues standing between you and your ideal smile. However, there are also more conservative options for care that focus specifically on how you look. For example, we can perform a tooth bonding treatment to correct minor flaws that hurt your smile. We can also recommend teeth whitening treatment, which focuses on the specific but common issue of discoloration due to stains.

Talk To Your Naples, FL Dental Practice About Treatment With Ceramic Crowns!

With attractive ceramic crowns, we can respond to oral health issues while also making positive changes to your smile! If you would like to find out more, call our Naples, FL dental office at (239) 598-4333.

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