01 May You Can Enjoy Fixed Dentures

Removable dentures address major tooth loss, but they need replacement every few years and can’t stop the gradual breakdown of jawbone structure. However, if we instead secure fixed dentures with multiple dental implants, we can preserve your smile. Our  Naples, FL dental office can provide long-lasting and lifelike fixed dentures.

Fixed vs. Removable

Removable prosthetics are a common method of addressing major tooth loss. These consist of new teeth set in an acrylic base, one designed to look like gum tissue. For people receiving a full prosthetic, this contains a full row of teeth and will be held in place with suction or adhesives. The partial is held in place with metal clasps that attach to natural teeth. Both options last about 5 to 10 years before replacement is needed, as the jaw gradually changes shape in that time. They need to be taken out regularly for cleaning and soaking.

With fixed options, we connect the full or partial denture to multiple dental implants in the jaw. This means the prosthetic is held in place with root-like dental implant posts, which will stimulate the growth of jawbone structure to keep the jaw whole and healthy. The prosthetic never slips when you eat or speak, and doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning or soaking. They also last far longer, decades in some cases!

Placing Dental Implants

To begin, our team will take detailed digital x-rays of your smile to assess the severity of your tooth loss and to examine the strength of your jawbone. We want to make sure there is enough structure to support dental implants. If not, we could rebuild the weakened portions with grafting or sinus lifts. Digital technology will help us guide the implant post into the jaw, sitting them at the right angle and position to support new teeth. These bond with the jaw through osseointegration, so they act as new roots.

Creating and Attaching Your New Smile

Once we insert the posts into the smile and the placement area heals, we can attach abutments to the posts. These allow us to attach the finished prosthetic, either in the form of a full or partial prosthetic. Once your new teeth are in place, you will enjoy a complete smile that looks and functions like a natural one. If you have any questions about fixed dentures, then contact our team to learn more about implant dentistry and rebuilding your smile.

Talk To Your Naples, FL Dentist About Replacing Missing Teeth

When you suffer from advanced tooth loss, we can offer a long-lasting and lifelike alternative to traditional removable prosthetics. To find out how we can secure a set of dental implant dentures, then call our Naples, FL dental office at (239) 598-4333.

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