03 Apr Let Invisalign Improve Your Smile

What kind of dental treatment should you trust to improve your smile? Many people who have poor spacing between teeth want to make changes, but they can worry over what their procedure might require. Is there a way to correct issues with gaps and overlaps while minimizing the impact of care on your daily life? At our Naples, FL dental practice, we can recommend a solution in the form of Invisalign treatment. With a set of clear aligners, we can make changes to the way you look without the need for appliances that are intrusive or conspicuous. We are happy to discuss this and other services capable of changing how you look when you smile.

Can I Depend On Removable Aligners To Improve My Smile?

There are different ways to make positive smile changes. If your concerns revolve around issues with teeth that are not properly aligned, you may worry that your options are limited to corrective care with metal braces. These appliances are effective, but they are not necessary for many individuals who have less severe concerns about gaps and overlaps. By looking into treatment, you can discover a more comfortable alternative is available. Our practice can meet with you to discuss Invisalign and your cosmetic goals. Those who qualify find that this solution provides meaningful changes in less time and with less impact on daily life.

Using Invisalign Appliances To Make Changes To Your Appearance

A set of custom-made Invisalign aligners will help you gradually move teeth that are not in their appropriate spaces. In as little as six weeks, you can see meaningful improvements as your aligners guide teeth that look unattractive because they overlap or are too far apart. Each one is made with a clear material, and each will prove easy to remove when you need to eat or clean your teeth.

To stay on track with your adjustment, you should have your appliance in place for approximately 16-20 hours per day. Ongoing checks will occur as you move from one appliance to the next to confirm that your correction is going as planned.

We Can Help You Pursue The Right Cosmetic Treatment

There are different cosmetic dental services that we offer to our patients. By providing more options, we can make sure that you have the improvements that you want to see. With tooth bonding services, we can make conservative changes that ultimately lead to big improvements; this is a solution that does not require a permanent restoration or even anesthesia, making it surprisingly convenient. We also offer more advanced solutions, including lifelike crowns and bridges, to address oral health issues that also impact your smile.

Talk To Our Naples, FL Dental Office About Starting Invisalign Treatment!

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