06 Mar Options For Making Your Smile Lovelier

It is important to protect your smile against oral health threats, but you can be understandably concerned about its appearance as well. Many who are free from dental problems that require restorative treatment would still like to do something about how they look. Whether your teeth are discolored, show signs of wear and tear, appear uneven, or are otherwise flawed, cosmetic dentistry can help. Our Naples, FL dental office is prepared to help you take on the issues that make you unhappy with the way you look. With as little as one procedure, we can make significant changes to your appearance that greatly boost your confidence!

Do You Feel Less Than Eager To Share Your Smile With The World?

Your smile may be healthy, but you can still have problems with its appearance that make you self-conscious. Discolored enamel, wear and tear, trouble with poor teeth spacing, and other issues can make people unhappy with the way they look; these concerns can be serious enough to seriously hurt their overall confidence!

Even if you are not in need of dental work to improve your oral health, you can benefit from a cosmetic procedure. The right service can help you move past embarrassment, and it can do so with a conservative form of care. A review can help us determine the right solution for you based on your needs.

Reviewing Your Options For Cosmetic Treatment

With the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can boast a confident, bright, symmetrical smile. For some patients, only one flaw stands between them and their happiness with how they look. Teeth whitening treatment can target enamel stains, a common issue that makes your smile look older and less healthy than it is. For changes to tooth shape, size, and color, we do have the option to perform tooth bonding treatment. As an alternative to crowns, bonding treatment can provide results in less time and with less preparatory work. With that said, a porcelain or zirconia crown can offer functional support along with positive esthetic changes.

Our office can help if you are worried about your appearance because your teeth are not properly spaced. If this is the case, we can talk to you about Invisalign treatment. These clear aligners guide teeth into more appropriate alignment so that your smile is more symmetrical and attractive.

Talk To Your Naples, FL Dentist About Showing Off A Lovelier Smile

With the right procedure, you can gain newfound confidence in your smile. We are happy to meet with you and help you explore what different services can do for the way you look. To find out how the right cosmetic service can help you show off a lovelier and more confident smile, call our Naples, FL dental office at (239) 598-4333.

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