05 Dec 4 Tips for Finding the Right Dentist for Your Family

Family dentistry is a special type of dental practice that caters to the oral health needs of all ages, making managing your family’s dental health much easier. And when you do select the right family dentist, you can enjoy the convenience of everyone getting oral health care from the same provider. Don’t take this decision lightly, and consider these four tips to help you identify the best family dentist for your household.

1. Talk to Your Current Dentist

If you’re moving to a new area, your current dentist is the best place to start. They’ll give you honest recommendations and might be able to offer referrals in your new city. Or, if you have children that are just starting to reach the age of visiting the dentist for the first time, ask your current provider about family dentists in your area. 

2. Look at Reviews and Recommendations

While not every review will be honest, online reviews on major sites like Yelp, Google, and even social media are good ways to find the right dentist for your family. If you have young children, look for reviews that specifically mention how patient a dentist is with a child’s anxiety or about first-time visits.

The right dentist should have overwhelmingly positive reviews that feature patients of all ages. In addition to online reviews, talk to friends and family. See where they prefer to go and why. Make a point of talking to families that best match your own. 

3. See What Services Are Offered

Family dentistry should be able to handle most of your family’s oral health needs. Of course, there are some types of issues that will still require a specialist, such as certain surgeries. 

Consider what your needs are. For example, if your teen needs braces, does the office offer orthodontic services? Is there a pediatric dentist on staff to better handle younger children? Do they offer restorative procedures for teeth? 

4. Book a Consultation

There’s only so much you can research online. As a final step in finding the right dentist for your family, contact the office to book a consultation. These may be free or require a small fee. However, it’s the perfect way to see the office, ask questions, and get to know more about the dental team. You can also ensure the facility is clean, modern, and friendly. 

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